Avaya one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office
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Avaya one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office provides rich unified communications (UC) capabilities for mobile workforce and is designed to give mobile users quick access to various forms of communications and help users conduct normal business while on the move.

Major Features:

-    Presence and Instant Messaging with server-side buddy lists and server-managed user groups and client side IM history
-    Visual voicemail with ability to play Voicemail messages and ability to manage VM messages from the mobile app
-    Rich conference controls with click-to-conference for users and groups , entry and exit notifications, ability to view and
       manage conference participants (mute/un-mute/disconnect/isolate)
-    Advanced user presence monitoring and reporting including geo-location presence and tracking, calendar and on-the-phone
      presence, following user's presence and availability
-    Call Screening  with ability to listen and intercept Voicemail deposits
-    Ability to issue commands to the communications server including: call, conference, set location, view missed calls,
-     Enterprise dialing, which is an ability to intercept calls made via standard phone dialer and turn them into enterprise calls
      (3rd party call control by the server). Ability to define dial plan rules to select which calls to intercept and ability
      to post-process the dialed numbers to normalize them to the enterprise dialing plan to make the intercept seamless
-     Android home screen widget with summary of outstanding events
-     Notify mobile users about events of interest such as - outstanding IM messages, new deposited VM messages, conference
       participants entry/exits, VM deposit in progress


-    IP Office 8.0 with Preferred Edition License
-    Avaya One-X Portal 8.0
-    Avaya Voicemail Pro 8.0
-    Power User and/or Mobile User License

Open Source:
Changes to the asmack library were necessary to fix deficiencies found in the code. Those changes are available HERE